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  The Bora Bora Island, the pearl of the pacific to make of your dreams

of holidays of the dream holidays 

Therapy of blue in a green setting...

Bora Bora the pearl of pacific

Useful information on Bora Bora:

Tour of the island by the road of belt 32 kilometers

6 general practitioners

 1 Health center

2 dentist's surgeries

Police + Gendarmerie + sappers fire brigades

9 luxury hotels

Drinking water 100%

Selective sorting of waste

Quality of waters of excellent bathing 

1 public beach to Matira, in the South of the island


Our guest houses in the sign Bora Bora Fishing Paradise Lodge, are situated in the Northwest of the island, Bay of Faanui.

  Eco-tourisme à Bora Bora : Towards a united and respectful tourism 

Often slandered wrongly as being a tourist destination of mass, Bora Bora, with his 50000 visitors a year, gradually turned in fact to a long-lasting(sustainable) and responsible tourism. Only island of French Polynesia to be equipped with a sewer system of waste water, to distribute the 100% drinking water in the faucet for 20 years, to sort out its waste and to have a technical landfill as well as a factory of compaction of the green waste, Bora Bora put in fact all the assets from his/her part to propose to his visitors a responsible ecotourism carrying above all on conservations of the natural sites of which the lagoon which remains the most beautiful of the worldThese efforts were widely rewarded by the allocation of the blue detached house which floats now to Bora Bora for more than 10 years on the various matt of the island, between the French flag and the Polynesian flag, so protecting the unique quality of its beaches and from his waters of bathing.

Certain scoffing attitude will say that there are too many hotels to Bora Bora, that they are responsible for fatal effects on natural resources, that the tourist pressure is too strong, etc., etc.... To all these detractors, I shall say simply that except 9 luxury hotels opened on the island, there are a lot of small structures of types boarding houses, guest houses, which will allow them to dive into the Polynesian culture, to have personalized contacts, and to practise an environment-friendly and united tourism of the local populations which kept their traditional way of life. They can so escape in this is telling " tourist pressure " and to discover the most beautiful natural sites of the island, the local biodiversity and the cultural heritage of Bora Bora. 

By choosing a united and respectable tourism, the vacationers will so have the feeling to have contributed to the protection of the pearl of the peace-loving person and to the development of Bora Bora.